lundi 5 septembre 2011

Hot Club De Norvege Featuring Bjorn Vidar Solli - A Stranger In Town

1. The Way You Look Tonight 3:42

2. For You, For Me, Forever More 4:49

3. My Shining Hour 3:01

4. A Stranger In Town 6:33

5. Days Of Wine And Roses 3:19

6. I Love You For Sentimental Reasons 6:53

7. I Thought About You 5:05

8. With Plenty Of Money And You 2:36

9. Day By Day 3:32

10. Tobbens Tomme Trusler 2:46

11. That's All 6:00

12. When Sunny Gets Blue 3:26

13. Almost Like Being In Love 4:09

Label: Vintage Guitar Series
Styles: Gypsy Jazz,Vocal Jazz
Original Release Date: 2 Aug 2004

jeudi 3 mars 2011

Jean-Christophe Hoarau - La Guitare Tzigane (Book+CD)

An overview of Gypsy guitar styles from France, Hungary, Romania, etc.

Gypsy music refers to traditional music of the Roma people.

Originally from northern India, the Roma were constantly being chased away (most often for xenophobic reasons) until they finally settled in an area reaching from the Iberian Peninsula to the edges of central Asia. As a result of this turbulent past, their music is multi-faceted, incorporating colours that vary according to the country where the musician lives. This explains how integration with the Arabic-Andalusia culture in Spain gave rise to flamenco music.

In English the Roma people are called Gypsies, Gitanos, Tziganes, Manush. Romanichals, Sinti or Romany Folk.
Tziganes are Roma people who live in Eastern Europe.

The Manush live either in the Alsace or Loire regions, as well as in Belgium, Holland and Germany.
Gitanos (also called Cale) live mostly in the Iberian Peninsula, North Africa and southern France.

The various traditions encompassed by the term gypsy music, almost always include similar instruments such as the violin, accordion, guitar, double bass or cimbalom. This traditional use of string instruments should be put into the perspective of Indo-European musical traditions in general.

Gypsy musicians have developed a very particular style for each instrument they play, often combining extreme speed and improvisations ornamented with trills and appoggiaturas.
In this music, the guitar is generally an accompaniment instrument, even if it is not unusual to hear it play themes or improvise like violins or accordions.

Django Reinhardt 100

Le centenaire de Django Reinhardt
Hochgeladen von ouakthecat. -

Christelle Caillot: le jazz au bout des doigts

Christelle Caillot est luthier de guitare jazz. Son atelier situé au 46 rue de Rochefoucauld voit venir progressivement les musiciens de plus en plus connus du jazz manouche. Son secret? La sonorité de ses guitares.

jeudi 3 février 2011

WASO - Live In Laren

Label : Polydor (Universal Musik)

Date de sortie : 1980

1. Douce Ambiance (D. Reinhardt) 2’29
2. Georgia On My Mind (H. Carmichael/S. Gorrell) 3’49
3. Sugar (M. Pinkard/S. Mitchell/E. Alexander) 3’47
4. Si Tu Savais (G. Ulmer) (L. Hart/R. Rodgers) 3’25
5. You Took Advantage Of Me 3’30
6. Summertime (G. & I. Gershwin/du Bose Heyward) 4’35
7. Blues En Mineur (D. Reinhardt) 4’57
8. Clair De Lune (J. Kosma) 3’03
9. It Had To Be You (I. Jones/G. Cahn) 3’30
10. Nuages (D. Reinhardt) 4’30
11. Le Danseur De Charleston (J.P. Moulin/P. Clay) 3’17

Enregistré les 9 & 10 août 1980 au Nick Vollebregts Jazzcafé, Laren

Musiciens :
Fapy Lafertin : guitare solo
Koen de Cauter : clarinette, saxophones ténor et soprano, guitare (3), chant (2, 3, 11)
Vivi Limberger : guitare
Michel Verstraeten : contrebasse